MK FLex Fit Ball Cap  - Grey

This is the official "MK" branded Flex-Fit ball cap.  Like all my products, I could find a cheaper hat but not one that's made so well.  Made by leading hat producer "Pukka", this cap will last and stand up to the rigors of outdoor life.  The special "puff print" logo is embroidered to perfection and sets this amazing lid apart from the masses.  The tone on tone  logo is like  a magic trick in it's own as it blends in to the cap unnoticed and then pops when viewed from just the right angle.


Until now, these special swag caps have only been available at my in-person appearances.  Now you too can be a part of the "MK" nation.  The Flex-Fit caps are available in two sizes.  Small - Medium (size 7 to 7-3/8)  and Large - Extra Large (size 7-3/8 to 7-5/8)  -- Please specify when ordering.

MK FLex Fit Ball Cap - Grey