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Seemingly Impromptu Book

My new book of "impromptu" magic!  Previously only available on my 2018 fall lecture tour and special promotions up until now.  It's already on its 5th printing!  Get yours before they sell out again.


This travel sized 96 page book goes over 9 "impromptu" effects that I have been performing professionally around the world for years.  From the streets of big cities to boardrooms and everywhere in between, take the time to master these effects and you will have incredible magic at the ready.


Learn to float a cell phone, change the color of a drinking straw, even put a signed bill inside a borrowed sharpie marker and much more!


Extra Material: There is an introduction by Michael Weber and special commentary by Diamond Jim Tyler along with some notes on creativity... 



  • Sweet Tear
  • Clinger
  • Escape
  • McStraw
  • Flash Flower
  • Static Float
  • Sharp Bend
  • EZ BP
  • Inside Job



"Honest, I only cheat a little."  -Max Malini

Seemingly Impromptu Book

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