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THE Carolina EDC


Built for the rigors of everyday use

This ISN't Your father's Chop Cup!

The EDC cup was quietly introduced at the 2018 4F day two, I was completely SOLD OUT of the 25 cups I brought with me!  Get yours today and see why top professionals from around the world needed this cup.


           he Carolina Cups harken back to days gone bye.  Because there were so few Carolina pewterers and, as history suggests, so much of their work was lost during the Civil War, very few pieces of Carolina pewter are known to exist today.


The MK Carolina Julep Cups are hand crafted in the unique image of these lost colonial pewter beakers.  Their size, shape and weight are just right for performing devastating routines with a single cup.  Years in development, the Carolina Cups do not look like magic props and certainly don't perform like your old chop cup.

While not a limited release, I will be making all the standard Carolina Chop Cups available in small runs.  The EDC or "Every Day Carry" Carolina Cup is the smallest in the line.  At just 2 ounces, this shot glass sized cup packs a punch and is small enough to carry around without adding lots of bulk to your pockets. 


Different from the other Carolina Cups that feature a solid rubber core crochet ball, the EDC cup comes with nylon paracord monkey fist balls with a resin core.  The reason for this is plain and simple... durability!  More than likely, this cup will not be in your nicely lined suit pants pocket but rather thrown into your jeans pocket.  Of course, it can be used either way, but unlike the cotton crochet balls, the nylon paracord will not pick up lint as easily.  In addition, should they get wet, they dry faster, and because of their shape they are less likely to roll away.   While the size of the cup does limit a few traditional moves, it also allows for a killer cup through hand sequence that can't be done with a larger traditional sized cup.


Become a part of the EDC nation and get yours today!

" I have your "shot glass" cup that I bought from you at Magic Live... It's a work horse... takes a beating, feels and looks great after hundreds of performances at the bar and at tables. Quality stuff all the way !!! "

- MM, Las Vegas

  • Tapered design to create a “holdout” for final loads allowing the cup to be lifted without revealing their presence- yet easily released at the proper moment.

  • The gimmicked monkey fist ball and cup have been tested thoroughly and paired for strength to ensure optimum performance.

  • While the cup is small, 1" balls are provided for maximum clarity in performance and ease of sleight-of-hand maneuvers.

  • Different from the other Carolina Cups, the EDC uses magnets that are magnatized thru the magnet rather than polarized so the gimmick ball will be attracted  to the bottom (outside) part of the cup.  This is very useful when trying to load the ball secretly on top of the mouth down cup.

  • The EDC cup features a centered gimmick.  

  • All EDC cups are hallmarked with “MK" designating it as an original.

  • Each cup has been hand spun and machined with a 6 step process to eliminate the tell-tale “bump” found in many cups on the market today. Like the MK Generation II cups, the hand-feel of these Cups is amazing - You will know these are the real deal the instant you pick one up!  

  • Slightly stronger magnet strength than the other Carolina Cups, but not so strong that you need to slam the cup to dislodge the ball. 

  • The EDC cups were made out of extremely thick .064 stock so they can take the beating of every day use!

  • Lastly, the EDC Cups are modeled from an ACTUAL mint julip cup design and shrunk to the size of a shot glass.  They look like what they are...cups!   Not some funky magic cup design no one has ever seen before.

  • Note:  This cup WILL NOT hold a golf ball size load.

Even coin guys like Michael Rubinstein love the EDC cup!

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