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Professional Cups


n 1996 I set out to create a set of cups that would allow me to do things no other set on the market would allow me to do.  Rather than just use an inferior cup, I wanted to create a cup that would check all my boxes as to what I needed in my perfect set of cups.  Taking into account everything I had learned about existing cups and cup function I set forth on my journey.  While it is definitely the "road less traveled",  creating my cups from the ground up was the only way to know they would look like I wanted them to look and function the way I wanted them to function.  After years of working side by side with master craftsmen and numerous prototypes, I produced my MK Professional Cups.  

The cups were made out of brass that was .04 inches thick, given a mirror finish and lacquered to prevent tarnishing.  While my intent was to create just a handful  of sets for myself, the costs of the manufacturing process were so costly that I decided to sell 100 sets of my cups to recoup my R&D and tooling costs.

Each set came with a hand signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.  As a point of historical reference, there were two sets made with a nickel finish.  I own one of them and Barry Taylor of Barry's Magic Shop was gifted the other.   All of the prototype cups were destroyed except for four individual cups which are numbered on the outside of the cups.  I own three and Jerry Foster has one in his cups museum.  The MK Professional Cups hit the market and were completely sold out within a month.


The original MK Cups ring like a bell when held mouth up and struck with a wand

MK PROFESSIONAL CUPS - Brass with mirror finish
original MK Cups Specifications
  • INSIDE MOUTH DIAMETER - 2.56 inches

  • INSIDE DEPTH - 2.69 inches

  • SADDLE DIAMETER - 1.68 inches

  • DIMPLE DEPTH - .06 inches

  • CUP HEIGHT - 2.81 inches


Original advertisement that ran in the trade publications

Original Product Photography Proof Sheet

Nickle plated MK Original cups.jpg

A Rare Sighting...

Only 2 sets of Nickel Plated Original MK Professional Cups were produced. 

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