"the quality of the set is perfect" - Bob Durante aka Zap

       ometimes you just need a larger cup for maximum visibility.  When that's the case, the MK Street and Stage cups are the answer.  These cups are a whopping 36% larger than the MK Generation III cups.  How large is that?  Well, let's just say the cups can easily hold large naval oranges for your final loads yet they are not too large to be unwieldy.  The true dimensions are listed below.  At this time, the Street & Stage cups will only be available in copper with a satin finish.  Just pick one up and you instantly know that these hefty cups mean business! 

Don't let their large size fool you.  The weighting and hand feel are amazing for a cup so large and the design of the MK cups allows for the same devious maneuvers that the can be done with the traditional size.  Yes, this even includes cup rolls!!

Like it's smaller sibling, the sexy satin finish (to reduce glare from sunlight or stage lights) combined with the signature dress lines along the skirt and hallmark stamp make these cups immediately identifiable as MK originals.  Allowed to patina naturally for busking your favorite spot or kept polished for use on the finest of stages, these cups will take the abuse handed out by road warriors the world over.  


certificate of authenticity and Custom carry bag

The Street & Stage Cup dimensions

The S&S Sets are spun from hefty .04 guage copper and weigh over 1.5 pounds!


Saddle - 2.38   Dimple - .170   Shoulder Bead Width - .394   Skirt Height - 1.17   Mouth Bead Height - .394   Mouth Opening - 3.50   Mouth Bead Width - 4.32   Overall Height of Cup - 3.70 

(Dimensions measured in inches)