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            hile the original MK cups and the Generation II cups were limited edition runs of just 100 sets and made mostly out of brass with very few copper sets.  I have had many inquiries about producing more cups especially in copper.  As my limited edition sets are truly limited editions, I have decided to release a more generic variant of the very popular Generation II cups as the new Generation III of the MK Professional Cups.  Exactly what is Generation III? 


In a nutshell, these cups have the same design specifications as the Generation II cups but they are NOT hydroformed as part of the forming process.  Hydroforming was a process that was only used to produce the limited edition Generation II cup sets.  Instead, the Generation III cup is traditionally hand-turned on a metal lathe from top to bottom by an expert artisan.  The balance, hand feel and aesthetics are spot  on with the Generation II copper cups but without the added benefits of the hydroforming process.   

The Generation III cups are traditionally hand spun from the same heavy copper (.040) as the prior generation, include the "MK" hallmark inside the cup and are professionally hand finished.  The mirror and satin cups are not sealed with a lacquer so they will gain a rich patina over time as they are handled.  If one prefers, the brilliant shine can be maintained by polishing the cups or purchasing a nickel or black nickel set which simply need to be wiped down with a soft cloth occasionally to remove fingerprints.  Each set comes with a custom carry bag.  Sorry, balls are not included with this sets.


Quality has no compromise!

  • All MK cups must pass a stringent 7 step quality control check.

  • Each cup is hand spun out of heavy gauge .04 copper.

  • The cups are what would be considered "medium sized" and fit the average hand like a glove, making them very easy to manipulate.

  • New distinct finishes that are meticulously applied eliminating imperfections.

  • Generation III cups are hallmarked with the "MK" stamp.

  • A larger more spacious "attic" for flexibility in routining. i.e. - Tommy Wonder pom poms.

  • Less flared skirt than the original MK cups for less wobble in stacking without sacrificing speed.

  • Higher bead than the original cups now allows (3) 1 1/8 inch balls to easily rest on top of a single cup even with the cups stacked together. 

  • A wider and shallower dimple than the original MK Cups facilitates moves such as "Cup Rolls", "Tip Off's" and "The Galloping Post".

  • Larger mouth bead for better aesthetics and a more secure grip while performing moves such as the "Cup Thru Cup" sequence.

  • Shorter stack height than most "medium" cup sets on the market means less space taken up in your case or on your performance area.

  • Custom satin carry bag with MK logo.

  • I wouldn't put my name on it if I didn't stand behind it 100%.

The Generation III are currently available in

mirror Copper, satin Copper, Bright Nickel and black Nickel


MK Professional Cups - Generation II & III

Dimensions in inches

Saddle - 1.75

Dimple - .125

Shoulder Bead width - .290

Skirt Height - .860

Mouth Bead height - .290

Mouth Opening - 2.575

Mouth Bead Width - 3.175

Overall Height of Cup - 2.720

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