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              he MINI was designed for those looking for an elegant, small cup that accommodates a golf ball size final load.  Approximately half the thickness of the almost  bulletproof EDC  the MINI was not designed or intended to be carried in tighter fitting pants or jeans pockets as it is a more delicate cup.


Slightly shorter and wider than the EDC, the shape and weight of the Carolina MINI are just right for performing devastating routines with a single cup.  One that literally fits in the palm of your hand.  As is the case with all my chop cups, the MINI's do not look like magic props and they certainly don't perform like the magic cups of yesteryear.  The 'action' is fantastic and responsive and the small size of the cup allows for miracles to happen that simply aren't possible with a larger cup.

The MINI cup is delivered with bright orange nylon paracord monkey fist balls that have a resin core for long lasting durability along with a custom carry bag.  While not a limited release, the Carolina MINI's will be available in small runs.   Perfect for strolling entertainment when you need a high-end feel, the MINI cup is only offered in a mirror finish with a satin base and interior.  It's often been said that BIG surprises come in little packages... the Carolina MINI is proof-positive of that statement.

  • Traditional "wide mouth" design to comfortably fit a golf ball as a final load.

  • The gimmicked monkey fist ball and cup have been tested thoroughly and paired for strength to ensure optimum performance.

  • While the cup is small, 1" balls are provided for maximum clarity in performance and ease of sleight-of-hand maneuvers.

  • Like the EDC cup, the gimmick ball will be attracted  to the bottom (outside) part of the cup on the MINI.  This is very useful when trying to secretly load the ball on top of the cup.

  • The MINI cup features a centered gimmick.  

  • All MINI cups are hallmarked with “MK" designating it as an original.

  • Each cup has been hand spun in pewter and machined with a 6 step process to eliminate the “bump” common with inferior products.

  • The hand-feel of these Cups is amazing - You will know these are the real deal the instant you pick one up!  

  • Slightly stronger magnet strength than the other Carolina Cups, but not so strong that you need to slam the cup to dislodge the ball. 

  • Lastly, the MINI Cups look like what they are...cups!   Not some funky magic cup design no one has ever seen before.

Comparison shots of the MINI cup Vs. the EDC cup

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