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       ntroducing the MK Sterling Silver Cup Line!   Each cup is meticulously hand turned in sterling silver (.925 silver content).  While nickel plated and chrome plated cups are silver(ish) in appearance, these other finishes will never replace the warm shimmery glow and exceptional hand feel associated with pure sterling silver.  The MK Silver Line cups exude both and understated elegance and unique simplicity to deliver a regal look in a time tested cup found no where else on the planet.

The Silver Line Cups are available in two models.  Traditional and Engraved.  The traditional cup offers a smooth, sexy mirror finish exterior and a satin interior with my signature 3 dress lines along the skirt.  The dimensions of the Sterling Silver Series are the same as Generation II & III.  While I easily could have done a mirror finish throughout, I find that in performance, the satin interior allows for better visibility of the ball and my cups are all about beauty and function.  I like to think of them as "fit for a museum, yet made for daily use".

The second offering in the Sterling Silver Series is a beautifully engraved set of cups.  This is the exact same cup as the "Traditional" model but it has been given a slight makeover by adding an elegant pattern of twists and turns that is sure to delight..  Each and every part of the design was carefully engraved by hand into the cups.  The result is something so precise you would swear it was done with a machine.  I promise you, it was not.  My engraver has over 40 years of experience  and the results speak for themselves.  As with all MK cups, the attention to detail is second to none.



"Lovely set, truly first class...congrats" - Eric DeCamps