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The M - cups

Magnetic Attraction that works like it should!
EACH SET INCLUDES a hand SIGNED M - cups certificate of authenticity
a Red custom "MKS" Balls Set and MK carry bag

        ince the release of my original MK Cups there was one thing that kept bugging me.  The people who kept telling me  - "I love your cups but I'm waiting for you to have a combination set before I upgrade."   I'm happy to say, that lifetime of waiting is now a thing of the past.  2019 is the year the M - Cups became available to the world.

For years, I've quietly been working on a prototype.  However, since my Carolina Cup line is widely regarded as being the best chop cups in the world, I simply couldn't slap a magnet in my professional cups and balls line and call it a day.  Not a chance!  I was in NO RUSH to get this set of cups to market.

Literally dozens of prototypes and thousands of dollars in research and development went into the construction of the M - Cups.  I've also decided to take a bold step and buck the status quo.  The trend from other cup manufacturers today is to add weight to the "normal" cups in the set so all three have the same hand feel.  While this is easy to do, as a serious student and performer of the cups, I think doing so is a mistake.  Even if you pass your cups out to be inspected, unless your audience member has a job discerning the weight of objects, the slight additional weight of the gaffed cup will certainly go unnoticed.  This is the equivalent of handing out a deck that is a little bit light or heavy on cards.  No one will be the wiser.  More importantly, from a performers standpoint, you will be able to spot the M-cup  without looking.  This is a necessity because the gaff is virtually undetectable to a trained eye and completely invisible for those not in the know.

The best part of the M - Cup and the reason the Carolina Chop Cup line is so popular is how the cup functions!  The set comes with MKS balls that are perfectly matched for the set.  This means that the gaffed ball will stay when you want  and release when you want without having to look in the cup and position the ball a certain way.

To create this, a series of weighted rods are embedded at precise angles into the rubber core of the MKS balls and matched to the magnet inside the cup.  The result is nothing short of amazing.  Do yourself a favor and pick up the M -Cups.  When you combine cutting edge technology with time tested sleight-of-hand, your audiences won't stand a chance.


Currently, the M-cups will only be offered as a 3 cup set with one magnetic and two straight cups.  In the future,I hope to offer a single m - cup for those that already own my generation II or Generation III cups.

The M- Cups are Generation III cups and one has been modified garnering it miracle status!  For dimensions, etc see the Generation III page.  Note:  because of the gaff, the attic space between that and a regular cup is just slightly less but does not affect having three 1-1/8" MKS balls between nested cups.  Each cup is spun from heavy .040 guage copper and finished to perfection.  These cups come with a set of MKS balls.  One of them has been precisely tuned to work with the M - Cup.  Once you use this combination set, you might as well sell off all the others you own. Yes, it really is that good.

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