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BOth the mk professional cups and the carolina cups have received rave reviews from around the world.  Click the links below to read and watch what people are saying about the MK Line!

From the beginning of my obsession with the cups, certain performers and their routines have stood out to me.  Dai Vernon, John Mendoza, Tommy Wonder, David Williamson, Ross Bertram, Eric DeCamps, Marc DeSouza, Michael Ammar, Gazzo, Ricky Jay and Paul Gertner come to my mind straight away.  Of all the routines, I have always had Paul's routine as one of my absolute favorties.  This year at 4F I was lucky enough to see a fantastic new finish to his classic routine with steel ball bearings.  It was nothing short of sensational.   Needless to say, I am over the top thrilled that Paul loves the MK Cups too!  Click the picture of Paul below to watch a short video testimonial for the MK Generation II Professional Cups.


If you don't own a set of MK cups, don't take my word for it.. Listen to Paul and order your set today!

No matter what your skill level, having the proper tool for the job always makes it easier... and in this case much more magical too!


The LIMITED EDITION Generation I and Generation II cups are now sold out but the Generation III line is available currently.

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