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      lmost 20 years ago, I introduced my MK Professional Cups to the world in a limited edition run of just 100 sets and they  immediately sold out. In 2016 was happy to offer the magic community an updated version of my original release, improved in both design and function while staying true to the original MK Professional Cup roots.

Like its predecessor, Generation II was  LIMITED RELEASE of 100 total sets.  The sets were evenly divided between 4 styles in copper and brass in multiple finishes.  Consistent with the originals the MK2's sold out shortly after their introduction.


The Generation II cups are sold out but read on to learn more about them!


Following in the footsteps of the original MK Professional Cups, these cups were designed through years of trial and error.  The Generation II cups were simply an extension and advancement over the ones I released almost 20 years ago.  While all MK Professional Cups are valuable as collectibles given their superb craftsmanship and very limited quantities, they were made for workers and will stand up to the use and abuse of a lifetime of performing.  Mike Rogers (of cups and balls baseball fame) once asked me, "Why limit the number of sets?".  Quite frankly, I wasn't in it for the money.  The only reason the MK Professional Cups existed in the first place was because I couldn't find any cups on the market that met my extremely high standards... so began my journey for the perfect cup.  Having gone through several revisions before the final product, I sold 100 sets to simply recoup my losses and pay for the very expensive tooling.

Much in the same way was Generation II.  Again, I felt I could make my cups even better... so it was back to the drawing board.  Prototype after prototype and NOT with a 3D printer.  Each prototype meant cups spun, more performing, and more tooling.  From the first prototype of Generation II to the final product was an arduous 3 year journey.  True to the original MK Professional Cups, subtle tweaks made the Generation II cups perform even better than the original!  


Once I had the final design,  I needed to focus on production to produce the absolute best  cup available today with NO EXCEPTIONS!  What I decided on is a combination of modern age and old world techniques -- something that has NEVER been done before in the history of cups and balls manufacturing.  Typically, a cup is either spun on a lathe (old world technique) or created with a 3D printer or CNC milling machine (computer numeric controlled - modern techniques).  The manufacturing of the Generation II cups was nothing short of groundbreaking.  By combining a fluid forming metal process called hydroforming with the ancient art of metal spinning, I was able to produce a cup that is far more consistent in wall thickness than traditionally spun cups, with the advantages of a harder, stronger metal in the finished product and a smoother cup surface with less draw marks.  The result is nothing short of amazing!



Image of a hydroformed MK II cup prior to the hand spinning and finishing processes


  • In a word...QUALITY!  All the cups must pass a stringent quality control check.

  • Each cup is hydroformed and hand spun out of heavy gauge brass and copper.

  • The cups are what would be considered "medium sized" and fit the average hand like a glove, making them very easy to manipulate.

  • New distinct finishes that are meticulously applied eliminating imperfections.

  • New for Generation II is a hallmarked "MK" stamp in each cup signifying it as an original.

  • A larger more spacious "attic" for flexibility in routining. i.e. - Tommy Wonder pom poms.

  • Less flared skirt than the original MK cups for less wobble in stacking without sacrificing speed.

  • Higher bead than the original cups now allows (3) 1 1/8 inch balls to easily rest on top of a single cup even with the cups stacked together. 

  • A wider and shallower dimple than the original MK Cups facilitates moves such as "Cup Rolls", "Tip Off's" and "The Galloping Post".

  • Larger mouth bead for better aesthetics and a more secure grip while performing moves such as the "Cup Thru Cup" sequence.

  • Shorter stack height than most "medium" cup sets on the market means less space taken up in your case or on your performance area.

  • Custom packaging with certificate of authenticity.

  • I wouldn't put my name on it if I didn't stand behind it 100%.


There are no exceptions

to this simple rule.

If it isn't PERFECT...


MK Professional Cup - Generation II Dimensions in inches

Each set of MK Generation II Cups came complete with a hand signed Certificate of Authenticity, custom carry bag and MKS crochet balls.  

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