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"a holdout system for the MODERN CONJUROR"

Based upon the overwhelming success of the original delivery system.

Version 2.0 has some significant changes


Version 2.0 puts the holdout on steroids...stronger magnets and adjusted capacity...

Some of the best things in magic are never seen by our audiences!

I am NOT discontinuing the original Delivery System as I believe the weaker magnets and dual pockets work better in certain instances.

    he original Delivery System is a diabolical holdout that has received rave reviews from professionals around the globe.  Quietly introduced at Magic Live 2019 and with no signage or fanfare I sold out of the 50 that I brought in just a few hours.  Word got out about these holdouts even without advertising them and they again sold out at the Genii, MagiFest and Penguin MAXX events.  Why?  simple.. they are tops in quality.. and they work!

Over the last 5 years I've put almost a thousand of these awesome devices in the hands of magicians worldwide.  I've listened to those already using the Delivery System and decided to make a few changes and tweak the original design to make it even more practical. 


Introducing the Delivery System 2.0 ...

First off, the new 2.0 system is just one pocket.  They are easy to add if you require more but you are not locked into having two pockets.  This flexibility makes it much easier to position the pocket exactly where you want it to be for your routine and now can even be pinned to a prop or inside your jacket.

Secondly, the magnetic closure has been updated and now has neodymium magnets instead of ceramic that allow maximum security and peace of mind knowing that even a heavy billiard ball will stay in place until it is needed.

I have also slightly adjusted the height and width of the pocket to keep the items in the pocket.  And like the original Delivery System, it is designed to "disappear" when not in use and so comfortable that you are likely to forget you are wearing it.  

Each one of the holdouts is handmade with love and careful attention to detail.  Constructed out of the finest materials and manufactured right here in the USA.   I could have used less expensive materials and sold them for a lower price, but like all MK products, we never sacrifice quality.  Created out of necessity and made for professional use.   I truly believe you won't find a better, more versatile holdout on the market than the Delivery System 2.0 




Here's what some of the best in the business have to say!

"Pocket management is key to any successful magician.  Mike's wonderfully silent utility holdout not only frees up your pockets but enables smooth, silent access to your large loads the second you need them.  This is a win-win for any worker!"   - Steve Valentine


"You can only get good at what you do all the can only do all the time what you can carry all the time.  The holdout will make it more efficient to organize how you carry the tools you need and give you access to them the moment you need them."   - Garrett Thomas


"MK's Delivery System does just that... It delivers and in more ways than one!  I'll be using it for my work.  Brilliant idea Michael"   - Dan Fleshman

"Michael has done it again.  This guy has some of the most beautiful props out there and the delivery system is no exception.  What does Michael and his system have in common???  They both deliver!!!"   - Michel Huot

"This seriously is fantastic.  There is nothing like this on the market, it was so needed.  Nice work!" - Brady Gutekunst

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