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THE Carolina QUEEN


she's one classy lady with a lot of power

           he Carolina Cups harken back to days gone bye.  Because there were so few Carolina pewterers and, as history suggests, so much of their work was lost during the Civil War, very few pieces of Carolina pewter are known to exist today.


The MK Carolina Julep Cups are hand crafted in the unique image of these lost colonial pewter beakers.  Their size, shape and weight are just right for performing devastating routines with a single cup.  Years in development, the Carolina Cups do not look like a magic prop and certainly don't perform like your old chop cup.

While not a limited release, I will be making these cups available in small runs.  Pick yours up today & join the Carolina Cup crew!


  • Tapered design to create a “holdout” for final loads allowing the cup to be lifted without revealing their presence- yet easily released at the proper moment.

  • The gimmicked crochet ball and cup have been tested thoroughly and paired for strength to ensure optimum performance.

  • Both the cup and the ball are polarized creating a sure-fire performance with no unexpected surprises. The crochet balls are not your typical cork covered balls.  Instead, we used the same dense rubber balls used for the MK Generation II cup series.  The heavier weight allows for easier manipulation and greater deception.

  • The gimmick in the 8oz Queen cup is located OFF-CENTER permitting you total control in being able to roll the ball out of the cup or retain it at will.   Offering you more flexibility in routining.

  • Each cup is hallmarked with “MK” not only designating it as an original, but it just might also have a hidden secret.

  • Each cup has been hand spun and machined with a 6 step process to eliminate the tell-tale “bump” found in many cups on the market today. Like the MK Generation II cups, the hand-feel of these Cups is amazing - You will know these are the real deal the instant you pick one up!  

  • Ideal weighting so no slamming of the cup is necessary to do the job.

  • Lastly, the MK Carolina Queen Cups are modeled from an ACTUAL mint julip cup design.  They look like what they are...Julip Cups... Not some funky magic cup design no one has ever seen before.

"The Carolina Cup is far and away the best chop cup I own.  It's not enough to say I am thrilled with this purchase - I am overwhelmed!"  -- David Regal

QUEEN (8 oz)


The Carolina Jester and Queen Cups use the dense rubber core VC balls as well as a larger more visible variant in the Carolina KING Cup.   As for the bright orange color of the balls for the Carolina Cups, the decision was made based upon what color would show best and not be lost in varying close up and parlour situations.  Traditionally, either red or white balls have been used.  However, my research has shown that bright orange would be most visible under the majority of circumstances due to the contrast with the most backgrounds.  This I find especially true in dimly lit bars and restaurants.  

Each gimmicked ball is paired specifically with each cup to create the perfect union of style and function.  While this may be a lighter setting than you are used to from other cup manufacturers, I promise you this is the perfect amount of hold to make the effect look the most magical.   Some have asked me about an adjustable force ball.  I simply wouldn't go that route, knowing that if it can be adjusted, it can shift at the most inopportune time.  


That said, I have chosen to go the extra mile and pair each gimmicked ball for each individual cup.  All Carolina Cups are not shipped until the tension is just right!  This isn't about mass production, but about having the best quality and best functioning props available today.

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