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the World's best STAGE chop cup!

Limited Edition...


THE Carolina king CUP

  • Tapered design to create a “holdout” for the final load naval orange allowing the cup to be lifted without revealing its presence- yet easily released at the proper moment.

  • The gimmicked crochet ball and cup have been tested thoroughly and paired for strength to ensure optimum performance. 

  • The KING cup also features DUAL GIMMICKS for sure-fire hookup!

  • Both the cup and the ball are polarized creating a sure-fire performance with no unexpected surprises. The  custom over-sized 1.4 inch crochet balls are not your typical cork covered balls.  Instead, we used the same dense rubber balls used for the MK Generation II cup series.  The heavier weight allows for easier manipulation and greater deception. While the larger size can easily be seen on stage.

  • The gimmick in this huge 18oz cup is located OFF-CENTER permitting you total control in being able to roll the ball out of the cup or retain it at will.  

  • Each cup is hallmarked with “MK” not only designating it as an original, but it just might also have a hidden secret.

  • Each cup has been hand spun and machined with a 6 step process to eliminate the tell-tale “bump” found in many cups on the market today. Like the MK Generation II cups, the hand-feel of these Cups is amazing - You will know these are the real deal the instant you pick one up!  

  • Ideal weighting so no slamming of the cup is necessary to do the job.

  • The King Cup also has a slight recess on the bottom of the cup that is not on the EDC, the Jester or the Queen.

  • Lastly, the MK Carolina KING Cups are modeled from an ACTUAL mint julip cup design.  This one just happens to be super-sized!  

"I'm so happy I have this in my hands...the cup is tremendous!" - Scott Alexander

ONLY 100 KING CUPS were made and were completely sold out
as of 8/9/2018

The kingdom has spoken....  


Available soon is the Carolina King Cup!  This is the largest of the Carolina Cups with a huge capacity of 18oz it literally dwarfs the 5 and 8oz cups.  THE KING CUP IS A LIMITED RELEASE OF 100 CUPS. 


While the Queen or 8 ounce cup would work on a large stage with video enhancement via monitors, I wanted to create a cup literally worthy of a King and the largest of venues.  To do that, I've worked closely with Scott Alexander one of the busiest performers I know and a regular performer on the largest ships sailing the seas to help me develop the perfect chop cup made specifically for the stage.  


Scott's first request was that the cup be large enough to hold a large naval orange for the final load. This cup is so large that it can easily hold a large naval orange.  Realizing it's not always possible to track one down while travelling, I've included with this limited edition package an imitation naval orange that has the size, the weight, and texture of real fruit! (This piece of fruit alone would be worth $50 if purchased separately)


The supplied signature orange crochet balls have a solid rubber core like it's predecessors and at 1.4" they are large enough to be seen on the biggest stages, yet small enough to allow for delicate sleight-of-hand.  New to the KING cup  and different from the JESTER 5oz and QUEEN 8oz cups is a small indention to keep the fruit or balls on top of the inverted cup when the ship rocks a little. 


The KING cup features the same hold-out function of the other Carolina Cups, The magnets have been paired for each cup and matched for polarity to prevent unexpected suprises with an addition to make the hookup surefire.


Available in satin finish only as a mirror cup on stage would blind your audience with the relection of the stage lighting.  What can I say.. just like the original Carolina Cups, everything has been thought out to provide you with the absolute best stage cup that has ever been produced.


if you perform this classic effect on stage, the king cup is a must!
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