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MK Experience

Now you can learn from his lifetime of knowledge first hand!
Including many new items never taught before... 


In this lecture, Michael will elevate your close-up and parlor magic teaching methods and techniques that can be adapted to fit any performance situation.  The lecture is filled with hidden gems gained through decades of real-world experience.  There are no pipe dreams.  This is one lecture you will not want to miss!


An inventor and a creator of world-class magic with many instructional books, DVD's and effects on the market, Michael is known for his impeccable sleight-of-hand and smooth performance style.  Dubbed "King of the Cups" by the late Mike Rogers,   Michael has created both new and novel approaches to this classic as well as being the creator and manufacturer of the finest cups and balls sets and chop cups in the world. 


For those of you not familiar with Michael's work, he is an author, creator, performer and consultant.  He regularly works for many fortune 500 companies weaving magic into their presentations and hospitality suites.  Internationally recognized as one of the top sleight-of-hand artists in the world today, Michael Kaminskas is a thinker, creator and innovator of magic.  The author of several best selling books  for the professional magician, Michael's work has been featured in nearly every trade publication - including a coveted Cover and feature story for the Society of American Magicians - the oldest magic organization on the planet. 



Michael earned his PhD in magic at the prestigious FFFF invitation only gathering.  A member of the Magic Circle in London, England, Michael was accepted as A.I.M.C. with Silver Star designation.  Since the release of his first instructional book in 1994, Michael has lectured extensively for his peers throughout the world from conventions to various group and club meetings to the Magic Circle in London and the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California where he is also a regular performer.

There's no hiding the lifetime of experience when watching Michael work his craft --  he is a unique blend of motivator, speaker, humorist  and trickster.  His award winning magic has been seen by a myriad of clients including celebrities, political figures, and major corporations across the globe and featured on the ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and BET television networks.  ​It's no wonder that Michael's talents are always in high demand. 


Here's what other top professionals have to say...

"It is extremely obvious that Michael fully understands the difference between something that is magic and something that is magical."

 - Howard Hamburg

"The material Mike is teaching at this lecture is designed with the audience in mind. It is about getting maximum reactions under real-world conditions. Whether you are performing in a casual environment or representing a corporate client’s brand, there is something here for you." 

– David Corsaro

"Watching Michael Kaminskas work is a master class in sleight-of-hand and audience entertainment. Pay attention!" – Shoot Ogawa

"Michael has a great sense of finesse; he adds a touch of simple class to classic effects for the modern working pro. He knows how to make magic magical and memorable." Francis Menotti

"Michael works in the real world for real people. His magic is created to work in all environments and produce hard hitting moments. If you want strong magic that works, I would pay attention." – Christian Painter

"Michael Kaminskas is a WORKER!!!! He understands people and what it takes to entertain them. When he speaks, I listen! Your magic will be better if you listen, too!" – Paul Green

"Having had the pleasure to have worked with Michael at the Magic Castle, I can tell you without hesitation that if Michael were to share any of his hard-fought / blood-bought, real world experience, it’s worth your time to drop everything and give him a listen. A true professional." 

– Thom Peterson, The Amazing Guy

"Mike has been a wonderful creative force in magic for many years now with several books, DVD's, and effects on the market. More than that, the material he releases comes from his extensive repertoire of strolling, formal close-up and parlor magic. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a top worker." Marc DeSouza

"Michael Kaminskas is a very talented magician: As a performer he handles cups and balls, coins and many other classics of magic with great success. As a creator, he has the rare ability to take classic effects adding his own ideas to create variations that are worth studying." 

– Lawrens Godon

"Michael’s passion and love for magic shows in every effect he creates and performs. His attention to detail and streamlined methods are impressive, deceptive and, most importantly, entertaining." – Joe Rindfleisch

"What’s to say? Mike is a great guy and his magic is just as great!" – Dan Hauss

"Whenever a magician asks to see a cool trick they never saw before, my first thought is always Michael Kaminskas. Michael’s ideas have been a secret weapon for those who knew them, hidden away in books. I guess that secret is about to get out. There’s a place for one of Michael’s routines in everybody’s act. In this lecture you’ll probably get ten. Michael is the best." – Mark James

"If you're looking for solid, tested sleight of hand effects that will WOW your audiences, you will have to watch this lecture." Suzanne

"Michael Kaminskas creates secrets with the forbidden knowledge passed on from the masters of the past. With audiences always evolving; so too must their experience. Tap into the mind of a 21 century magician with 2 centuries of experience." Reed McClintock

"Michael has some killer ideas that I've enjoyed for many years! Michael is skillful, creative and a super nice guy. You're gonna learn some great magic!" - Chad Long

"I've known Mike Kaminskas for many years and I've never seen him fail to charm an audience with his deceptively casual delivery and devastating sleight-of-hand." Scott Alexander

"Michael is one of my favorites to watch at Fechter's...a guy who works for real people." Martin Cox

"Mike is a thinker, a creator, and builder of magic.... he truly is a magical Architect. Combine all that with his world class sleight of hand and you've got my attention." - Eric Jones

"Charming, engaging, devastating magic for real world people." - Hannibal

While Michael has a basic outline for the lecture, it is also the peoples lecture.  This is what makes the live learning process so valuable.  The ability to ask questions.  Quite simply that can't be done on a DVD or in a download release.  Each lecture is bound to be a slightly different and based upon what the collective group wishes to engage in seeing and discussing.  With a lifetime of magical knowledge nothing is off the table.  While Michael will have some products to sell, THIS IS NOT a dealer demo.  Everyone will be able to leave and perform some of the effects straight away.


Just Some of the incredible magic you will learn!

My CCR - My go to Chop Cup Routine that has plenty of magic and doesn't insult your audiences intelligence with a guessing game.

WAVE - Why not remove the cards by having the box vanish with just a wave of your hand.  A classic plot turned on it's head.  This has been  featured in Michael's act at the World Famous Magic Castle.

Anniversary Travelers - A unique take on the Anniversary Waltz where two signed selections are removed from separate pockets then fused together back to back and given away as a souvenir.


Sweet Tear - Rip open a package of sweets and immediately reseal it and give it away.  But wait, there's more.. come see it at the lecture to find out the rest!

Escape - David Copperfield caused quite a stir in the magic world when he performed Timothy Wenk's "Misled" on television.  Imagine passing a pen through a bill without any gaffs or gimmicks.  Totally impossible and totally impromptu!  This is an updated handling of "The Great Escape" that I originally published in 1990.  So good it looks like a camera trick and super easy to do.

KFC - This ingenious card fold will take the place of the standard Mercury Fold.  Learn how to fold a card into quarters while the spectators are burning the deck.  Best yet, they push their card into the center of the pack themselves.

D2D-  Silver dollars are produced at your fingertips and then visually change into paper bills.  The ultimate in eye candy!

Klinger - A modernized twist on a neo-classic effect of a (wand) pen clinging to your outstreached fingers.  Both your hands and the pen may be examined.  Quick preparation and a genuine fooler.

Audience Aces - A new approach to a classic.  The spectators shuffle and cut the cards.  Only to turn over the top cards to find the four aces.

Silkcoin 2.0 - A feature of my Magic Castle act in 2021.  If you know the original, then you know how magical this looks.  A single coin, a sheer scarf...just pure magic!


An alternative to the traditional lecture but more specific in nature.

Michael also offers a lecture dedicated exclusively to the cups and balls and the chop cup.  This will include various techniques with the balls, the wand and the cups.  Learn to develop a routine that suits your style.  The  Cups Lecture is perfect for groups of all sizes   Hands on workshops are offered for groups of 20 or less.  

-- Be ready for a wild ride with the oldest of all magic effects!--

  • Discussion of different cups and styles

  • How to select a set of cups

  • Loading techniques - traditional, non-traditional

  • Galloping post / tip-offs.. etc.

  • Cup/ Ball / Wand productions and vanishes

  • Dress

  • Tables / Venues

  • Solid cup and pre-loading sequences

  • Taking a modular and modern approach to a classic.

  • Plus much, much more!



The following files are provided for your group to promote and organize one of Michael's Lectures or Workshops

Simply input your club or group information and costs, dates, etc and start getting the word out!

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