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or now, the color collection is a very limited collection of cups.   From time to time, I will be making small batches of these cups available.  The wait between availability will be a minimum of 6 months due to the time consuming process of creating the perfect union between the cup and the balls.  Traditionally, I use all Orange balls in my chop cups simply because it is the highest contrast color in the world. 


Some people have reached out to me to make a cup for them in another color and I've politely declined because it is an extremely involved and tedious process.  I'm happy to say, with the last batch of Jester cups,  I had 11 sets of "other" color balls made.  After going through 73 cups, I was able to match them perfectly.  Two cups I kept for myself - one in satin and one mirror - I'll let you guess as to the color of the balls...the other 9 cups can be found here.  


Very LIMITED collection...
Just one of each available
The    color collection is  currently SOLD OUT!

"The Carolina Cup is far and away the best chop cup I own.  It's not enough to say I am thrilled with this purchase - I am overwhelmed!"  -- David Regal

Satin Finish Cups - Yellow, Teal, Dark Blue, Red

Mirror Finish Cups - Yellow, Green, Dark Blue, Red, Light Grey

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