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Signature Wands

An MK Signature Wand speaks volumes of you as a performer.  One look, and your audiences will know you are serious about your craft.  Created  entirely from the finest exotic woods and sterling silver (.925 silver content), each wand is hand turned on a lathe by an expert craftsman to my demanding tolerances and specifications.  The size, the weight, the luster are spot on.  You could pay more for a wand, but you won't find anything that is higher in quality than the MK line.   Don't settle for anything less - Order an MK original while you can.

The MK Signature Wands are solid one piece wands created from the finest exotic woods and accented by a  sterling silver band that catches all the available light in the room when doing wand spins or flourishes.  Each wand in the  MK line is handcrafted to my exacting specifications for design, elegance and functionality.  While the overall length might be a tad shorter than other wands on the market, I believe the length of the MK wand assists the performer when doing technical moves and makes them far more effective from the audiences perspective.   


Before the wands are turned, they are end weighted for overall balance.  It is important to note that the overall weight of each wand will vary due to the density of the wood involved.   Each masterpiece is hand-turned by an expert craftsman with over 30 years of experience and finished off with 4 coats of lacquer giving each wand a luxurious luster worthy of a showroom before it is shipped out.


The photos in the description may not match your wand exactly as wood grain varies.  However,  it is meant to give you a idea of what the finished product will look like when you receive your wand.  

Finding homes throughout the world!

"Just received my Black Palm wand.  In my opinion, the photo of the wand doesn't do it justice.  It is absolutely and unequivocally...gorgeous!  The balance is very nice and feels good in the hands.  This wand begs to be spun.  Or, at the very least, a swish and flick!" 

- Kerry Dodson

"I received my wand today and I am totally blown away by the quality and craftsmanship! It's exactly what I wanted and it will add elegance to my cups and balls routine, it's the final touch. Thank you for offering the magic community such a great piece." 

- Louis Antonucci

"These are exceedingly beautiful wands.  They handle like a dream"  - Ed Kwon

"I got to see these wands at GENII and they are a work of art"  - Erick Olson

Due to the time restrictions, the MK wands will be made in small batches and posted on this page when available.  If you would like to order an item that is not in stock please send me an email so I can include it with the next run of wands.

The MK Signature Wands are created from the finest exotic woods planet earth has to offer...








All MK Signature wands feature African Blackwood tips and sterling silver inlays.  Native to Eastern Africa, African Blackwood is also known as Mozambique Ebony or Senegal Ebony. It features a dark brown, even purplish heartwood with dark streaks.   I selected it for the tips of my wands because It is an extremely hard wood that is strong, durable and stable, with a fine texture that polishes to a smooth, beautiful finish.

"My wand by Michael Kaminskas is a thing of beauty.  it compliments my props for John Ramsay's Coins and Cylinder perfectly.  A classy and distinguished tool for the discerning professional.  I'm very happy to own this and grateful to Michael for making his elegant props available" 

- Michael Vincent

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