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Anniversary Travelers

Anniversary Travelers is my take on the classic fusion plot.  Two cards are signed by spectators and lost in the pack.  Each selection then makes an invisible journey into different pockets of the performer.  Now, with both individual cards held in full view and placed back to back, they impossibly fuse into a single card with the signed selections on each side.  This is Anniversary Waltz meets The Travelers and it is an audience favorite!   


The routine can be done standing and surrounded and can play for just a two or standing in front of hundreds at a wedding celebration.  It's been in Michael's arsenal for quite some time and now it's your chance to learn this fantastic routine.


Includes enough cards for (6) performances and instructional download.

Gaffed cards are for Bicycle 808 standard faces red and blue gimmicks included

Note:  This routine requires palming.  I could have done a no palm version but it wouldn't be nearly as strong.

Anniversary Travelers