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Cobalt Edition  Cards

There have been many shades of the color blue throughout history, but Cobalt has long been a shade reserved for royalty.  Thus is the case with the new COBALT EDITION Bicycle™playing cards.  The brainchild of my good buddy Jeff Case, I just had to be a part of this outstanding project.  These cards are stunning!  Not only are they visually arresting, they handle like a dream.  Made for magicians and serious card workers, you will understand why we fell in love with them the moment you have them in your hands.


It all started a few years ago at Magic Live.  Jeff had a few decks of the Bicycle™ 807 cards and we really liked how they felt and how they didn't deteriorate over an hour of use like many of the new crush stock cards on the market tend to do.   It's been our experience these crush stock cards feel great right out of the box but that feeling is short lived.  Especially if you live in areas of high humidity.  The 807's were different.  After shuffling the same pack for two consecutive days, they felt the same on the first shuffle as they did on the last.  They had a consistency of quality that every professional expects from their equipment.


Using this stock as a starting point, we did a few other things to make them desirable for all who love to magish.  First, we used the standard Bicycle™ faces and the classic back design that is instantly recognizable throughout the world.  We had the cards traditionally cut so they faro with ease.  Then we put a pair of matching jokers into the deck, included a couple of the most useful 'extra' cards we could think of and put them inside one of the most beautiful standard tuck cases you've ever seen complete with a custom gold seal. 

We did not do any crowd funding for these cards as we honestly made thousands of decks just for our own personal use.  Yes, this is our card of choice.  We didn't fund them because we didn't make them to sell.  Somehow, the word got out and people kept asking if they could buy a deck or two.  We'll, because we believe these cards should be used; and because we know you will love them as much as we do, we have decided to sell them but only a brick at a time.

Join the COBALT revolution to see and feel pasteboard royalty for yourself.




Purchase price is for 12 decks of Cobalt Edition Playing Cards

Cobalt Edition Cards

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