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Everlasting Sm Red Potato

For years I've been searching for the perfect fake fruit.  Everywhere I lecture or perform, magicians the world over have been asking me if I know of a good source for fake fruit.   It might seem simple to do a quick search on the internet and find such an animal, but this is just not the case.  Pretty much all of the fake display fruit today looks great, but it feels and sounds terrible and NOT like the real thing!


What I was after was a fake fruit that not only looked like the real thing but also had the weight and feel of the real thing.  Fruit so real that people could actually pick it up and not know the difference.  Recently, I was on the bill performing with Gazzo.  My final load orange was lying on top of my yet to be released KING cup and he literally picked it up and was about to peel it and take a bite.    Now that's what I call REAL, fake fruit!


Not only is the fruit fashioned after actual fruit, the lemons, limes, red potatoes and tangerines are sized to fit into most cups.  


As we all know, if you have been performing for a while it is not always practical to find a store to buy fruit.  Sometimes you have to go to several stores to find ones that will fit into your cups.  Then there is the problem of forgetting them in your case and have them spoil and ruin thousands of dollars in props.  All in all, this fruit is called the EVERLASTING FRUIT because it is very likely the last fake fruit you will ever need.  Just keep it in your case and you are all set.


I'm honestly not sure how much of this fruit I can get as each piece is literally hand-crafted.  No big machinery here folks.  I am extremely happy to offer this amazing fake fruit to the magic fraternity but get yours while you can as I'm really not sure how long I'll be able to have it available.


It looks, it feels and it has the weight of real fruit.... to quote Gazzo, "It's real, but it's not real... if that makes any sense?"


Willy Wonka had the everlasting gobstopper.  Now, there is EVERLASTING FRUIT!


Note:  These red potatoes work well with the MK Original, Gen II and Gen III cups as well as the Carolina "Queen" Cup (8oz).



Everlasting Sm Red Potato



    As each piece of fruit is molded from an actual piece of fruit, these are just ROUGH ESTIMATES of the dimensions and weight of the EVERLASTING FRUIT.  The actual size and weight of each piece will vary.


    Lemons - 2.25" x 2.25" x 3.15"   (6.8 oz)                     

    Limes - 2" x 2" x 2.75"   (3.4 oz)

    Tangerines - 2.26 x 2.21" x 2.25"  (4.8 oz) 

    Sm. Red Potatoes -   3.69" x 2.26" x 2.03" (4.3 oz)                    

    Plums - 2.37" x 2.38" x 2.06" (4.9 oz)

    Peaches - 2.58" x 2.79" x 2.65"  (8.2 oz)                   

    Naval Oranges - 3" x 2.5" x 2.5" (10.9 oz)

    Large White Potatoes -  3.96" x 2.89" x 2.16" (8.2 oz)                                Cherry Tomato - 1.13" x 1" x 1.25" (0.7 oz)


  • There might be a slight delay in shipping the Everlasting Fruit as it is a very popular item and handmade. 

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