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Half & Half

This is Michael's close-up version of Billy McCombs color changing silk silk routine with the half dyed finale.  The entire routine is contained in one gimmick - no need to go to the pockets and it instantly resets for the strolling performer.  Until now, this has only been available in person at Michael's Lectures or at a convention.  the custom silks are 100% silk and 100% hand swen.  


What's nice about this routine is that while it was created for close-up, I have performed it on a stage for 500 people and it was easily seen.  This effect never leaves my close-up case and I'm sure once you perform it you will keep one in yours at all times as well.


It's not a coin or card trick, can play small or large and instantly resets.  Sounds like a pipe dream but it's not.. It's Half & Half -- The close-up color changing silk on steroids!

Half & Half

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