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In The Money

In The Money is my solution to the open prediction, impossible location, card to wallet, lottery prediction, and even predicting what is on your fortune cookie.  On top of that, you can even do one of the most amazing transpositions of a spectators credit with the one in your moneyclip!


I know, it almost sounds too good to be true... but believe me when I say that it is all that and more.  I'm so blessed to have the input and forethought of some of the worlds best magicians helping me with this project.  Literally, 3 years in development and multiple prototypes.  I am so excited over this release!  There is of course good and bad news.


The bad news is that these are a pain in the patooski to make.  Therefore, I have only made 100 of these and I sincerely doubt that I will be making any in the future.  What that means, is that if you own one of these, you will be part of a select group of individuals that can harness the power of IN THE MONEY!


They aren't inexpensive, but things of value rarely are!  Each gimmick is made from US currency although there is a handling that uses bill from multiple countries that makes this practical even for those that do not live in the United States.


Get yours NOW before they are gone forever!

In The Money

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