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Inside Job

I am SOOOOOO EXCITED that I can finally offer this product.  Originally published in my book "Seemingly Impromptu", This bill in Sharpie Marker simply kills!  I have had so many requests during my lecures to make this a stand alone product.  While the description in the book explains EXACTLY how to make up the gimmick, I would only produce it if I could put out a superior product.  


I can say that these gimmicks are truly beautifully made from actual Sharpie brand markers.  These were not mass produced but each one hand cultivated and you will see the attention to detail once you get one in your hands.


They operate exactly as they should and with standard fine point Sharpie that is known and loved by all magicians.  Best yet, is that using this gimmick you can make the bill appear in any persons marker that matches the gimmick.


Below is a performace done off the cuff for a customer that happened to wander into Magic, Inc in Chicago when I was there in 2018 as part of a nationwide lecture tour.


Click HERE to watch Magic, Inc video on their Facebook page.

Inside Job

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