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Street & Stage DELUXE Set

Many people have asked me over the last few years if I will be making a larger set of cups.  Well, the time is now.  Introducing the Street & Stage cups!  These cups are 36% larger than my standard cup.  Why 36%?  because that allowed me to get the smallest cup that would hold a large naval orange.  Like all my products, these were designed with the professional in mind.


These cups are truly functional works of art and have the exceptional hand feel which exemplifies all MK cups.  Each cup is 100% hand-crafted by the absolute best artisans in the world.  


ONLY 10 DELUXE SETS will ever be made!


The Street and Stage cups are made specifically for those arenas.  Places where the standard size cup is simply not visible enough for your audiences.  As is the case with the standard MK cups, the unique cup design amplifies the impossibility of the final loads as it seems impossible for large naval oranges to be produced from within.  Your audiences will be dumbfounded!


Large 1.5" rubber core MKS custom balls are included with this set as well as (3) Everlasting Fruit Naval Oranges for final loads.  The set also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and carrying bag.


Anticipated availability and delivery of these cups is May/June 2019

Street & Stage DELUXE Set

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