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Silkcoin v2.0

Silkcoin has been a staple in my performances for decades.  However, recently, I've devised methods to make it even better!  What is silkcoin?  Silkcoin is the visible passing through of a coin through a sheer scarf.  There are many things that make this routine unique and groundbreaking.  First and foremost, the audience is only aware of the sheer scarf.  After displaying it's see through property a coin is visually produced from the scarf.  The coin then passes several times through the material of the scarf - an incredible solid through solid penetration with each phase becoming more impossible and ending with the vanishing of the coin leaving just the scarf as you started.


This multi-phased routine is perfect for a one on one experience or can be done on stage for hundreds of people.  The product ships with the necessary sheer scarf and includes an online video tutorial.


This effect was originally printed in "Next Victim, Please...The Close-Up Magic of Michael Kaminskas", Hades Publications 1994, revised for lecture notes in 2017 and became a physical product with video tutorial as v2.0  in 2019.


"I LOVE silkcoin!... Pretty, Pretty, Pretty..." - Jay Sankey

Silkcoin v2.0

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