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This is Michael's tutorial on the Silent Mora / Dai Vernon wandspin vanish.  In this tutorial, Michael covers the history of the technique and then breaks it down from the very start so that anyone can learn this truly awesome maneuver. 


In addiiton to the standard move, Michael then covers the vanish from different positions, uses it as a color change, to change one object for another, a production and of course a vanish.  He even uses it to solve a mini rubiks cube. 


You will also learn the secret to making the hands appear empty after the move is finished.  This is an area that no one else ever diacusses.  All others just focus on the actual move itself.  This little "extra" sets Michael's spin apart from the others and elevates it to a class all it's own.  In Michael's hands, the Mora/Vernon wandspin vanish is a thing of beauty and after learning from this tutorial, yours will be too!


THIS PRODUCT IS A DOWNLOAD.  When you purchase it you will be emailed with instructions to access the video file.


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