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Traveler Wands

The MK Traveler Wands are pint-sized, solid, one piece wands that are meant to be carried in your pocket.  Each of these mini wands is also turned by hand in the same painstaking process as my full sized Signature Wands.  In keeping with the same overall look of my signature line.  I use the same African Blackwood for the tips for durability but I've replaced the silver band in favor of an aluminum band.  By doing this, I'm able to keep the cost of the wands down while still providing the necessary flash I was looking to obtain.


Just like his big brothers, each traveler wand is end weighted for overall balance before they are turned.  It is important to note that the overall weight of each wand will vary due to the density of the wood involved.   Each masterpiece is hand-turned by an expert craftsman with over 30 years of experience and finished off with 4 coats of lacquer giving each wand a luxurious luster worthy of a showroom before it is shipped out.


The photos in the description may not match your wand exactly as wood grain varies.  However,  it is meant to give you a idea of what the finished product will look like when you receive your wand.  

Sometimes a full length wand is not practical to carry.  The MK Traveler Wands solve this problem.  One look, and your audiences will know you are serious about your craft.  Often times, performers will use anything as a wand... a straw, a marker, a knife...The list goes on and on.  While these might be the best option for a specific routine, if you are trying to portray class and elegance, there is no better option than an MK traveler wand!

dimensions coming soon...

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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