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THE MK professional CUPS

"The Michael Kaminskas cups are BAD ASS!  So is he for that matter.  I bought the original set 20 years ago and thought they were great then.  The new updated style tweaks and state-of-the-art manufacturing process makes these cups some of the finest cups on the market.  The hydroforming (a word I just learned) process, ensures optimum integrity.  The balls have a great weight, size and feel.  I had the opportunity to see, feel and play with a set of the Brass, Copper and the most unique cups with some sort of acid wash faux patina that make it look borderline psycadelic.  NEVER seen a cup like that before.  With only 100 sets being made in this run, I recommend you buy one of each!"

Tom Frank

"I was lucky enough to handle a set of these cups this weekend at the Carolina Close-Up Convention (TRICS)  and all I can say is PERFECT.  Michael has considered every detail about these and they have truly reached the level of perfection."

Brent Braun

"Having owned a magic shop for 38 years, I can attest that these are the real deal.  You won't be disappointed!"

Barry Taylor

"They look right...They feel right...THEY ARE RIGHT!  Need I say more?"

Denny Haney 

 Will Fern 

"Mike's cups are the new standard of quality and craftsmanship.  You'll never go back to your old set after using these."

Calvin Tan

"If I performed the cups and balls, these are the ones I would buy!  No, I'm not kidding."

Seth Kramer

"The weight and the balance of these cups are wonderful...These are absolutely incredible!"

Vincent Mendoza

"Made for the discriminating performer.  The MK Professional Cups... When class meets a classic."

Eric DeCamps

 Jeff Case 

"The Michael Kaminskas cups are beautiful.  The best I've seen.  It's time to replace my Johnson Cups."

Mike Miller

"Wow!  Beautiful.  Great weight, lovely design."

Shoot Ogawa

"As both a magician and collector Michael Kaminskas accomplished the labor of love with his cups.  I purchased three sets.  This is the way to go!"

Jerry Foster

"Latest convert to Mikey K's new cups... Love these cups, good job Mike."

Will Fern

Vincent Mendoza

"Beautiful cups Michael, do they faro as good as they look?"

Howard Hamburg

"Michael has put over two decades of thinking as a real worker into these elegant, gorgeous Cups & Balls.  Every aspect of engineering and handling has been done for you resulting in a piece of art to share with your grateful audience.  When you tap them, they literally ring like a bell!"

Roy Eidem

 Herbert the rubberband 

"Herbert especially liked the cups filled with beer, he told me!  Apparently, he downed five"

Denis Behr

"It's been a long time since I've wanted to do the cups and balls.  Simply because it's difficult to find the right cups.  I've tested the MK cups and balls and it's time to get back to this wonderful effect.  To understand what I mean, you just have to take these cups in your hand and...the magic happens.  Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful piece of functional art."

Alain Iannone

"No photo or video can communicate the way these cups handle.  Smooth as silk.  Easiest final loads ever.  And the balls are worth it, like getting decent shoes to go with that Armani suit.  Highly Recommended."

Eric Henning

"In the past I have only been able to recommend Brett's cup but Michael's new cups are worthy of serious consideration by those desiring quality magic props.  Supply is limited, so act now!  See how he has utilized a different technique in their manufacture."

James P. Riser

Promotional Photo of Eric Henning with his MK Professional Cups - Photo Credit Michael Messing Photography

"I could not be more pleased by the handling, the shape, weight, attic and saddle area.  To look at the cups saddle you would never think you could do a 3 ball stack with them.  One of the most important parts of the cups are that they "Feel Right" in my hands and I can do necessary wand sleights with the cups.  I would recommend these cups to anyone whom asked about them...I had only wished I had gotten the first generation as well.  These are world-class working cups for not only the beginner but the seasoned performer as well.  Thank you for making such a beautiful set of cups."

Mad Jake, Jr.

"I would like to thank Michael Kaminskas for creating these wonderful cups!  The second that you have the opportunity to feel them in your hands you know that they were created by someone with a true love for performing.  The attention given to every minute detail is astounding, the workmanship is flawless, and the way they handle makes them a must own for any magician.  After searching for years to find cups of this quality, I am delighted to have added these cups to my collection.  The bottom line is...if you are looking for the highest quality product, created by someone who clearly understands what you are looking for and shares your passion for the cups and balls...look no further.  I can honestly give no higher recommendation.  I assure you that the new Generation II MK Professional Cups are the only cups you will ever need and you will be as thankful as I am that you chose to purchase them before they are gone for good!"

Matthew Thomas

"Michael Kaminskas' cups are a true work of art!  Very well balanced, they also sound like a bell when hit with a wand.  All has been worked out to match the needs of the working professional.  Highly Recommended!"

Lawrens Godon

"Man!  They are great!  My German cups were my favorite before these... Now your cups are my new favorites for sure."

Kenneth Jones

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