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"Michael, I just received my Carolina Cup, and honestly, I am thrilled.  I have not felt this way about a prop I've purchased in a long, long time.  Maybe decades.  I am not a "Big Collector," and I am not the type who has a magic fetish for everything that comes down the pike.  What I am is someone who loves a good chop cup.  Of all the props out there, the chop cup is one of my favorites, and I own MANY.  Certainly more than a dozen, and some are very, very good.  Without a  doubt, you have made the best chop cup I own, and I will both use it and treasure it.  Such a lovely, perfect object does not come about by accident, I know, so thank you for putting in the hours necessary to bring a great concept to reality.  Seriously, dude.  I am overwhelmed!" 

                                                                          DAVID REGAL

"Putting my Carolina Cup to work too!!!  Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!!  Did I mention that the new cup is AWESOME!!!!???? :) "


"This cup that I received is so awesome and the load chamber is far more than I expected for a chop cup!  Best chop cup that I have ever seen or owned.............. "


"Well, well, well...  look what showed up today.  This cup is nothing short of a masterpiece!  8 ounces of pure joy and wonder.  And, it is a real worker.  The action is so intuitive and responsive... almost as if it had A.I. on board.  Michael Kaminskas, you should be very PROUD indeed! "


"Anyone who knows me knows I am a full-time pro and try to perform magic that is eloquent and classy.  As a result, it is very important to me that my props are top quality in order to project that image to my audiences.  When performing strolling magic I always close with the chop cup.  Michael Kaminskas' "Carolina Cup" is the best one I have ever seen or used.  The look, weight and size is perfect.  The first time I performed with it at an event I asked a spectator to pick up the cup and look inside.  The first thing she said was WOW!!  Nice Cup!!!  I say ... Nice job Michael.  Thanks for releasing this awesome cup." 


"The Carolina Cup is so beautiful that you will proudly display it on your collectible cup shelf...but don't leave it there.  It would pass for a classy mint julip cup in the finest hotel in the South, but it is superbly gaffed.  I got the mirror finish cup and it is gorgeous.  Its size makes it ideal for either close-up or parlor work.  The enclosed rubber core crocheted balls are finely matched, allowing for reliable action of the Chop feature.  This will quickly become your working cup of has become mine." 


"I must say, this is the finest chop cup I have ever owned.  Absolutely beautiful.  I also love your packaging, super class act.  The quality packaging really shows how much you care about the quality you put into your product.  I love it!" 


"Arrived in today's post with mirror finish.  Clearly made by a professional for professionals.  Unrivaled class, craftsmanship and quality with the most ideal dimensions and size for close-up, strolling and table hopping.  A real pleasure to own and perform with and comes very highly recommended." 


"A huge thank you to Michael Kaminskas.  This is the most beautiful chop cup I have ever had!  Standing "O" all the way!" 


"My Carolina Cup is the highest quality magic prop I own.  I was floored by the craftsmanship and obvious care in design.  Never much of a "Cups and Balls" guy this cup (and Mike's expert instruction) has convinced me that I have been missing out on some spectacular magic.  Thanks, Mike, for pouring your years of experience and expertise into this product.  It really shows." 


"What a thing of beauty this cup is!  Craftsmanship and art meet in a classic of magic.  This is so well-made, it will no doubt last a lifetime.  A lot of thought and care went into the construction of this cup, (not to mention years of performance experience - so Mike knew exactly what was needed to make a superior cup).  I haven't been able to put it down since I picked it up.  I got the Jester model, but truth be told,  any one of  the Carolina Cups will be an investment that will give you an almost unfair advantage in performance and presentation.  I'm thoroughly impressed with these cups." 


"I'm loving the Chop Cup and those limes are really outstanding.  Thanks for running me through your routine.  Top notch stuff"


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