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M-Cups Satin Finish

This is the popular combination set with two regular cups and one magnetic cup.  These cups have the same dimensions as the Generation II and Generation III cups and are entirely hand spun on a lathe from top to bottom. 


These cups have the MK signature dress lines around the skirt for a better grip and beautiful aesthetics when handling the cups and my hallmark "MK" stamp inside the cup so you know it's the real deal.


Currently, these cups are only available in Copper and not brass.  For all those that were asking for a combination set of copper MK cups, here you go!  I don't know how many of these I'm going to produce so if you are interested pick up a set while they are in stock or the boat might sail without you.  That's your fair warning.


This set is in a Satin finish on the outside with a Satin finish inside.  Includes custom carrying bag and custom MKS balls that have been matched to each set for optimum performance.

M-Cups Satin Finish

Out of Stock
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