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Lemon Drop - Nickel Plated Workers Edition by Jeff Case
My good buddy Jeff Case has come up with a real winner in Lemon Drop!  Years ago, Mark Jenest created Jiggernaut.  After performing Mark's routine for years, Jeff did what all great thinkers do.. he tweaked his handling of this modern day classic adding ideas from David Williamson, Shannon Clark, Michael Close and Tommy Wonder to create a routine that can literally be done anywhere for kids or adults.  Six years in the making, this routine alone is worth double the price of the workers edition.

The routine is so special and unique that we wanted everything in the kit to be perfect. Since we could not find the exact Japanese style jigger anywhere, we simply decided it was best to just make our own. To our own specifications.

After several prototypes, I believe MKcups has created the perfect tool for Jeff's routine. Note: The custom brass thingamajig is NOT designed to measure or pour spirits. It was designed strictly as a custom magic prop that has the appearance of an everyday item. The difference to the performer is unbelievable as the prop handles like a dream. Add to that the lemon drops, corks, carrying pouch and the Everlasting Lemon and you have the complete package at your fingertips to entertain anyone.

Just how incredible is the routine? Check out the trailer and see the amazing reactions Jeff gets with Lemon Drop! Remember, this is live footage with reactions that are not prompted in any way. Perform Lemon Drop... it's jaw dropping good!

The Workers Kit is a Limited Edition item so get yours now before they are gone for good. The initial run Sold-Out at Magic Live and are expected to ship August 15, 2019... we have decided to make just 50 additional units and we won’t be make any more for a minimum of 3 years.

Order yours today!

Lemon Drop - Nickel Plated Workers Edition by Jeff Case

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