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MK Generation 3 -  BLACK NICKEL Finish

Due to the popularity and demand for my Generation 2 cups, I have decided to release the Generation 3 cups.  While the construction of the cups is different, these cups have the exact same specifications as the Generation 2 cups.  An important difference is that the Generation 3 cups are NOT hydroformed.  These cups are traditionally hand spun on a lathe from top to bottom. 


Currently, the Generation 3 cups are only available in Copper and not brass like the original MK cups and the Generation 2 offerings.  For all those that were asking for copper MK cups, here you go!  I don't know how many of these I'm going to produce.  While I don't plan on making it a limited run, I only make cups in small batches, so if you are interested pick up a set while they are in stock or it might be a while before i have them available again.


This set is copper set with a mirror BLACK Nickel Finish.  Hallmarked with the MK stamp and includes custom carrying bag as well.  No balls are included with this set.



I worked long and hard and at much expense to get these cups as perfect as possible.  However, because the electroplating process is and electrical and chemical reaction, you will see two marks on the inside of the cup where the cups are hung and charged in the solution bath.  This process creates a "plating" that is not put over the cup but rather imbeds the finish into the cup so it will not chip as standard plated items are prone to do.  I feel this is a small price to pay especially since the marks are on the inside of the cups but as someone who stands behind their products I wanted you to be full aware of the marks prior to purchase.  



MK Generation 3 - BLACK NICKEL Finish

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