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PSM - Portable Servante Mat

This is a plush close-up mat of the highest quality with a servante built right in.  Working closely with Pattrick Przysiencki of Pattrick's Magical Surfaces, together we have created the last word in high quality, portable servante mats.  Actually, we've created the first and last word as this product has never existed prior.


If you are familiar with Pattrick's mats, then you are aware they are simply the best you can get.  Taking his incredible product, we have managed to integrate a servante that is literally assembled between the layers of the mat as it is built.  The mat can be placed on the table and removed with the servante completely hidden.  Use it to ditch and retrieve items at will.  Switch out cards, coins, etc... or use it to store the final loads for your cup routine and get the buldge out of your pockets once and for all.


The uses of this utility mat are literally limited by your imagination.  They were a sell out at the Genii and TRICS conventions where they were introduced earlier this year.  Because they are as Pattrick says, "A pain in the @zz to make!" I don't know how many or when I will have some available.    


Mat size is a large 14" by 17" working area

Servante size - approximately 6" by 11"


Because the servante is built right into a mat with a heavy rubberized backing, the servante can hold a large amount of weight without the mat shifting.  Even when dropping heavier items inside.


Black Mat Color --- Custom colors made upon request



PSM - Portable Servante Mat

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