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For years people have been asking me to make a chopped version of a jigger.  I've resisted mostly because I already produce one of the best jigger routines with a custom non-gaffed jigger ever devised created by my good friend Jeff Case in LEMON DROP.  However, I realize that everyone has different tastes and what works for one might not be practical for another.  So, after much deliberation I decided to take my crack at creating a chop jigger.  But I had a few criteria that I wanted to meet.  It had to work properly 100% of the time.  It had too be a common japanese style jigger used currently around the world.  I also wanted to use green olives and corks keeping in line with traditional bar accountrements.  I also wanted the cork to be able to hold out in the jigger non magnetically and have the chop olive work or not work depending on orientation.  Lastly, I wanted to keep it as affordable as possible while providing a product that I would stake my name and reputation on. 


After several prototypes, I found that the only way to meet all my critera was to retrofit an exquisite japanese sytle jigger with the secret something and create custom olives from the ground up.  Pouring them by hand and creating a chop olive that looks so realistic it begs to be eaten.  The cork has even been modified so it has just the right hold out for the jigger.  Everything works as it should and like all MK chop cups you do not need to slam the jigger on the table to release the olive.  This was probably the hardest part.  Creating just the right amount of hold so it looks as if you were just placing the jigger down.


What is included with THE JIGGER? 

A Gaffed Japanese Style Jigger

Set of Everlasting Olives (one regular and one gafffed)

Custom Cork

Carrying pouch

You also get an instructional video with a short routine and also includes handling tips and ideas including how to pour a real shot out of THE JIGGER at the end of your routine.


THE JIGGER is limited to just a run of 100 and are 1/5 sold out even as I type these words.  Needless to say, THE JIGGER will SELL OUT so I suggest you get your order in today before they vanish!


Expected to ship by July 1, 2024
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