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WAVE is my take on the slow-motion vanish of a card box.  Why remove the cards if you can simply wave your hand over the card box and it melts into nothingness?


The vanish can be done all at once or by allowing half the box to vanish at a time.  The decision is yours to make.  Always a sell-out at my lectures, the gaff is precision made from actual Bicycle 808 playing card boxes in either red or blue.


There is NO PALMING and as long as your hand is large enough to cover the card box you will be able to perform this miracle.  It's a great effect on its own, but by starting your routine by vanishing and reproducing the box from your pocket many magical doors are opened!


It's fun, it's quick, it's magical and definately shows the audience you are there to do business.

** this vanish does not have to be done as an opening effect.


** each gimmick is hand made and now comes with a magnetic closure system that also allows the gaff to be easily ditched.


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