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  Welcome to MKcups!


Under normal circumstances 2022 would have seen me performing and showcasing my products around the world at magic conventions and lectures.  As it turns out, I was only able to attend a select handful of events.   I refuse to sacrifice the quality of my products but I also know what the market could bear and I simply can't afford to make product and have it sit on a shelf.  It was a year of entertainers trying to get back to work.  As a manufacturer it was a year filled with global economic challenges.  At one point I even contemplated closing up shop all together.  

To answer the unasked question...YES,  new products are in the works at MKcups.  I am incredibly excited to be introducing a product I feel fits a need in the magic community at large.  Details on this exciting project will be released in the near future.  


It has been a difficult last few years dealing with increasing production costs for literally EVERY product I carry, but I am determined to not change the vision for MKcups.  Since inception, you will ONLY find the finest quality magic apparatus and magic effects offered here regardless of price.  I do NOT wholesale any of my cups so if you want them this is the ONLY place to get them.  It may sound harsh, but it its truly the only way to know that you are getting MK originals in a world filled with knockoffs and inferior products.


Unfortunately, the cost of raw materials has quadrupled over the last two years.  That said, the prices my items and shipping has gone up.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the increases just can't be avoided.  Be sure to join to my email list to be kept up on the latest happenings at MKcups including subscriber only discounts!

Continued Best Wishes...

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