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That is... when they happen every year.   Undoubtedly, this year has been very different  for myself and other full-time performers.  We have been hit EXTREMELY hard by this pandemic.  So hard that I have been unable to produce and stock many of my items.   It is the first time that I've actually had to hault production on several projects -- and I had some seriously awesome ones that were going to be released this year at the many conventions I attend around the world. 


To put it bluntly, most of 2020 has been a nightmare.  The vast majority of the people reading this I know personally, and you know that discounts are NOT MY THING.  I feel I have always priced my items appropriately for the workmanship and magical qualities they offer without giving into pricing games.   The true fact of the matter is that expertly handmade creations take time and more money to produce than things that can be made in a production line. 

Premium quality items are not inexpensive.   PERIOD.


Part of my operational plan has always been to  LIMIT the number of items I manufacture and keep them relatively scarce in the marketplace.   Even during Covid, it has been of the utmost importance for me to maintain the integrety of the product line.  On any given day,  many of the items are not in stock and it could be months before they become available again.  I've even retired some items out of the blue - never to be offered again.  Those fortunate enough to get one of my limited edition chop cups or cup sets understand this philosophy as those items will only increase in value over time.  This is a choice I make to maintain the exclusivity of my product line and the reason why the only place you can purchase any MK Professional Cup  is directly through me.   

So, here's the scoop.  Call it a Black Friday Sale, a Covid Sale, whatever you want.  I'm calling it the I Need To Survive Sale.  These are unprecedented times and that said, call for unprecedented measures.  I've seriously contemplated even giving up on producing products but I'm going to try and push through with your help.   I've decided to do something I've never done before....a SITE WIDE 15% off sale!  I'm quite sure I've lost my marbles.  So take advantage today...But hurry, as they say,  "the early bird gets the cups... lol..."

I sincerely appreciate your support of my magic and my premium magic supplies.  Thank you for even considering to place an order during these most difficult times.

SAVE 15% off your entire order! 

Just use the code "Survivor" at checkout

Introducing the Limited Edition


Photo Sep 05, 9 47 43 AM.jpg

UPDATE 11/18/2020

Production of these cups has been put on hold due to the Covid -19 nightmare -- the sets ordered already will be shipped as originally planned with the remaining sets offered at a later date.

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