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  Welcome to MKcups!


I'm typing these words just on the heels of the largest magic convention in the United States.  While I'm sad I was not able to be at MAGIC LIVE in person this year...I'd love to share some new products at MKcups.  The following products are now available on my site as well as at my convention and lecture appearances with more on the way!  All are limited quantities but I will do my best to keep them in stock.


WAVE  - The slow motion vanish of a card box

INSIDE JOB - A killer signed bill into Sharpie effect

TWO HANDS...THREE BALLS - My take on the classic 3 ball routine

THE DELIVERY SYSTEM 2.0 - The latest advancements on my workers holdout system

IN THE MONEY - Impossible signed card into money clip

I also have a new set of cups coming that I think everyone will love.  More on those will be coming in the near future.  It has been a difficult last few years dealing with increasing production costs for literally EVERY product I carry, but I am determined to not change the vision for MKcups. 


Since inception, you will ONLY find the finest quality magic apparatus and magic effects offered here regardless of price.  I do NOT wholesale any of my cups so if you want them this is the ONLY place to get them.  It may sound harsh, but it its truly the only way to know that you are getting MK originals in a world filled with knockoffs and inferior products.

Continued Best Wishes...

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