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Hello, and welcome back to MKcups!  If this is your first time...Enjoy!  The good news is that I have been adding many new products on the site as I've started to add my lecture items.  On the down side, I have decided to temporarily discontinue my wand line.  I am doing this to concentrate on new products I've had in the hopper for many years as well as continuing to manufacture the best cups and chop cups in the world.  Everything I produce is handmade and quantities are limited but I do my best to keep as much in stock as I possibly can.  Unfortunately, many items require me to make a large number to keep the costs reasonable so it might be a while before they are back in stock.  My suggestion is ... if you see something you might want and it is in stock--  Grab it while you can!

Now... a special surprise... the introduction of a new addition to the MK lineup!  

I also have a new set of strolling cups coming that I think everyone will love.  More on those will be coming in the near future.  It has been a difficult last few years dealing with increasing production costs for literally EVERY product I carry, but I am determined to not change the vision for MKcups. 


Since inception, you will ONLY find the finest quality magic apparatus and magic effects offered here regardless of price.  I do NOT wholesale any of my cups so if you want them this is the ONLY place to get them.  It may sound harsh, but it its truly the only way to know that you are getting MK originals in a world filled with knockoffs and inferior products.

Continued Best Wishes...

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