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 I'm Back On the Road with NEW items!


I can't tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of you.  I truly have the best group of individuals who support myself and my magic.  I'm going to be quite frank with all of you.  The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and my unexpected hospital stay from a motorcycle accident got me thinking about the future of mkcups.  It's been quite a struggle the last 20 months and deciding if I wanted to, or even could, keep producing quality items didn't seem viable.  At one point I thought about simply letting things fade away quietly into the night. 


It has been tough for all entertainers through the pandemic, but we are a resilient bunch.  With the help of all of you and giving me the push I needed in the way of phone calls, emails, and even stopping by to say hello, I'm glad to say that I plan on making the remainder of 2021 and years to come for mkcups .... in a word -  EPIC.

For months, many items have been out of stock on my site.  Some I simply could not get due to the pandemic and others that I could get I could not afford to produce and hope they would sell.  (No one wants to have their money tied up on a warehouse shelf.)  At the beginning of the pandemic I introduced my new BRONZE set of cups.  I've been using a set of these for some time now and I absolutely love them!  The glow of the bronze cups has a uniqueness all their own and like all MKcups they handle like a dream.  These quickly sold out and I am happy to say that more will be available shortly. 


I'm working hard to get items back in stock as well as finally being able to share some newer creations that have been in the works for years at this point and are about to see the light of day  :)  Again, thank you for simply being awesome!  I hope our paths cross soon...Thank you, and be magical.